The 4 Benefits of Meditation

This website is dedicated to mastering not just your physical attributes, but also your mental and spiritual aspects. And that is where meditation comes to play.

The self control, or self mastery, one can benefit from meditating has always fascinated me. I do believe that meditation can help anyone become a more wholesome human being because of its many benefits, but first...

Let's start by defining Meditation...

Meditation is a simple practice that can help change your life for the better if used often and properly.

Meditating can be done in many ways and usually involves you sitting down in a quiet place, and focusing on one specific thing over and over until the end of the practice.

You can focus on your thoughts letting them come and go, in order to become more "quiet" in your mind, not putting too much power into any negative thought you may have.

You can focus on your breath by taking deep and steady breaths. This will help you put more attention on your breathing pattern, and less on your thoughts. This control of the breath may also help in teaching you to breathe more efficiently, and being more aware of your breathing patterns.

Another way to meditate is through action. You can put most of your focus on a movement combination or a particular exercise, which is going to help you "quiet" your mind and really make you present in the physical and functional movement being produced.

So here are 4 basic benefits one can experience after taking part of a meditation practice:

1. Reduce stress

meditation benefit

Since meditation helps calm the mind and relax the individual, it helps a lot in reducing stress. By focusing on one specific thing (such as breathing, one activity or letting thoughts come and go) you learn to handle and control stress related symptoms caused by a stressful lifestyle, negative thoughts, fears and so much more. 

Many people take up meditation for the sole purpose of reducing stress and being more in control of their reaction to stressful life events.

2. Various health benefits

There are many documented cases wherein meditation was shown to have helped in curing a disease or illness. One study, published in the Medical Journal of Australia in 1976 by psychiatrist Ainslie Meares, documented how a patient's cancer regressed after sessions of intensive meditation.

Meditation can also lower blood pressure levels, which is helpful to patients at risk of hypertension and other heart-related conditions.

meditation benefit

3. Improves concentration

Focusing on a particular thing is the basis of meditation. Doing such activities have been shown to drastically improve a person's concentration.

Multi tasking became a very common action in this fast paced new age society we live in nowadays. Meditation, can help you focus 100% of your attention on one task at a time helping you to get the most out of it, instead of jumping from one thing to the next constantly.

4. Acceptance of events

Another very beneficial aspect of meditation is the ability to take things as they are. Doing so will help a person's frustrations over things that they cannot control.

We have tendency to put a lot of power into things that are coming our way and that we have no control over. The only thing we have control of is how we react to external events.


I think you get the gist of it.

Meditation, in any form, can truly help us silence our mind and be more present and effective in our everyday life. 

So start implementing some meditation practice daily and you will start to see amazing results in your life in no time. 

Let me know what your daily practice involves and how beneficial it has been to you.