Lower Back Pain No More!!

It is believed that 80% of the US population will experience some lower back pain at some point in their lives.

lower back pain

Lower back pain absolutely suck!

I ended up pinching a nerve in my lower back about 2 years ago. The consequences were 6 months of limping, sciatica nerve pain (feeling of the pain going down the leg), 2 hours of sleep a night, and some depression of course.

I have experienced chronic low back pain for all this time before coming across 2 amazing products that truly alleviated the pain.

Now, I am glad to say that I am able to many things I used to do pre back pain. Without further ado, here are 2 extremely beneficial products that will help you regain full health in your lower back.

Inversion Table

Most of the lower back pain can be summarized by nerves being compressed by spinal vertebrae. It is therefore extremely important to decompress the spine as often as possible.

One great way to do so would be to use an inversion table. The inversion table allows you to decompress your spine in an upside down position, which counters the constant spinal compression due to every day living through standing up.

Many people recommend a 2 to 5 minutes daily use of this to truly feel the benefits that will appear after a few weeks of constant use.

This product has helped me tremendously over the years to decrease the lower back pain I experienced. But it never made the huge impact on my back health as this next product did for me.

Spinal Decompression Belt

The spinal decompression belt is an inflatable back support belt you can place around your waist. Inflating the belt, with the associated pump it comes with, will separate the hips and the ribs form each other. This separation opens up the vertebrae, causing an almost immediate pain relief.

This product was by far the best one for me. After using it on and off on a daily basis (for 30min max), I have felt huge relief in my lower back after only a week.

I can't recommend this product enough if you are experiencing low back pain.


Now, the other thing I should explain is that you need to exercise those lower back and core muscles in order to strengthen and stretch them.  The use of these products will only alleviate the pain for some time. In order to get rid of the pain definitively, you must workout properly to keep the muscles strong and healthy, as well as to keep the spine as mobile as possible.

These products are available on amazon and are a very worthy investment. I hope they will help you in relieving this pain in your lower back as quickly as they have for myself.

Let me know what you think about these products, and how much they have helped you. Also, don't hesitate to discuss the other things you have used to relieve your low back pain.

Best of luck on this journey to a healthier back.