The 5 Easy and Best Ways To Lose Weight

Everybody seems to want to lose weight quickly and effortlessly. Well, here are simple, but effective methods that can help anyone achieve this goal.

1. Drink lots of water


Start drinking a lot more water than you usually do. When trying to lose weight, water quickens your metabolism. It also flushes out toxins, and can help in controlling your appetite by keeping you "full" longer.

2. Eat less of the foods you love

Instead of depriving yourself from the foods that you enjoy, just start to eat less of them. Lowering down your caloric intake is going to help you tremendously in losing weight over time.

3. Cut down on the size of your dinnerware


In order to cut down your cravings, start using smaller plates, cups, bowls, etc. The smaller the size of your plate will also help in controlling your appetite. A small plate filled with food is more satisfying than a large plate with a small amount of food on it

4. MOVE!!

Nobody is forcing you to workout, but you must get moving if you want to lose weight quickly. You can start by getting into fun activities such as walking, hiking with friends, rowing, biking, dancing…


Any physical activities that will get the heart pumping improves the body’s ability to burn fat and use up fats as energy that are otherwise stored.

5. Find yourself a support crew

Studies have found that joining a support group tremendously helps someone lose weight. Being surrounded by likeminded people also looking to lose weight just help in motivation increase to achieve that goal of yours. The encouragement from your support crew will help you crush any challenge you will be facing along the way on your weight loss journey.

Use those simple methods and start making huge improvements in losing weight.

The 7 Best Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly

Want to lose weight quickly and efficiently?

I must first say that there are no exercises that will help you lose weight overnight. However, if you are patient and committed to shed some pounds through consistent effort, the following exercises will help you make those goals of  yours a reality sooner than you might think. These exercises are quite common, but overlooked by many. 

The real secret is in the proper performing of those exercises to receive maximum benefits.

For instance, walking up the stairs are the best exercises for quick weight loss. In order to make it more effective, you will need to increase the frequency and time you commit to these heart-thumping activities.

It is ideal to spend a vigorous 45 to 60 minutes every day on these exercises to lose weight quickly. The key to any successful weight loss program is consistency. 

Muscle-building exercises might be the most effective ones to help you to quickly lose some pounds. 

Make sure to put all your energy into the exercises you decide to do. You want to keep your heart rate up and your blood pumping throughout the entirety of the exercise, and follow up with a proper cool down afterwards. 

If you're brisk walking, for example, walk slowly for the final few minutes to give your body a chance to cool down. 

Stopping suddenly can cause muscle cramps and is not good for your heart. You want to progressively bring back your heart rate to normal while being moderately active.

Make sure you drink lots of water while exercising to help your body recover and to prevent cramping.

So, here are the 7 best exercises to lose weight quickly. Start gradually and let your body adjust to the workouts.


1. Squats

Squats are great to build muscles in your legs and buttocks. Stand with your feet at shoulder width apart and squat down and back up 10-20 times for a total of two or three sets. The lower you are going to squat, the greater the muscle activation to help you move through that full range of motion.

2. Jumping Jacks

They provide one of the best whole body aerobic workouts. Do four or five set of 20 jumping jacks for best results. Keep breathing throughout the exercise in a fluid and control manner.

jumping jacks

3. Stair Climbing

stair climbing

You must know how much energy is required when going up and down the stairs repeatedly. The benefits form stair climbing are increase in calories burning, boost of the heart rate,  great aerobics workout, as well as building leg and glute muscles.It is ideal to step up and down 20 times, rest for a few minutes before repeating the movements two or three more times.

4. Walking

Fast walking is better than slow walking, but they are both beneficial. If you want an exercise to lose weight quickly, walk briskly for half an hour and you can burn up to 180 calories.

cycling spinning biking

5. Cycling

The outdoors can be more enjoyable, but the use of stationary indoor bike can provide an equally good exercise to lose weight quickly. In fact, if you apply the right amount of resistance at the right speed, you can lose between 250 and 500 calories in half an hour. You can progressively increase the resistance you use while biking.

6. Swimming

This is a great, fun exercise for many people. It provides an excellent cardio workout that uses your entire body. Doing the breast stroke for half an hour can burn 400 calories. It is also much softer on the joints but does provide an amazing workout.


7. Jump Rope

jump rope

Finally, jump roping is in my eyes the best exercise for quick weight loss. It has been studied that 20 minutes of jump roping is equivalent to 30-45 minutes cardio on the treadmill. You can therefore get a total body workout by jumping rope for as little as 15 to 20 minutes. And on top of burning lots of calories, you will also build up your coordination skills.


Those 7 exercises are great for both building up some stamina and building muscles, which will be of great help in losing weight quickly.

Start using these exercises now. Build up your comfort level over time, but stay consistent. 

The weight loss journey has never been a race, it is a marathon. So pace yourself and be prepared to see amazing results.



3 Reasons Why Cold Showers Are Great For Any Fitness Individual

I bet you are shaking your head wondering why would anyone take cold showers, and shivering by the mere thought of taking one of those so dreaded cold showers. I personally do not like them either. What I enjoy however, are the benefits one can receive from taking these cold showers. Before listing those benefits, let me tell you a little bit about how did I become interested in cold showers?

Jumping on the Wim Hof wagon

Wim Hof

Wim Hof

I've always been fascinated by all of the things the human mind and body can accomplish. This took me on this quest to become the best version of myself. But in order to do so, I must break down my comfort zone. This is where Wim Hof comes in.

I found out about Wim Hof a few years back because of his teachings about accessing a deeper level of awareness and control of the human body and mind through a breathing method and taking cold showers. Wim has done many crazy and unbelievable feats involving swimming in icy lakes, running shirtless in the winter cold, or simply taking cold showers. The benefits of cold showers go further than just the physiological aspects as Wim explains that "the cold is an absolute doorway to the soul". But let's just focus on the physiological benefits of taking cold showers for now.

1. Cold showers can help you lose weight

In case you are not aware yet, the human body stores 2 types of Fat: White and Brown fat. Brown fat is referred to as the "good" fat because it generates heat to keep the body warm when in a cold environment. Therefore cold showers help you get rid of some fat by stimulating the burning of brown fat in your body. 

2. Improve Blood Circulation

More blood is being sent to your organs to keep them warm when taking cold showers. The circulatory system is being stimulated on a larger scale, helping with the health of your cardiovascular system as well.

3. Improvement in muscle soreness and recovery

It is well known that the professional athletes take icy bath or cold showers for proper muscle recovery. Couple of studies have been done over the years explaining the benefits of putting your body in such a cold environment after working out. The increase blood flow in muscles and the decrease development on inflammation (due to muscle tissue break down which happens during resistance and weight training) are the some of the amazing benefits athletes can receive from taking cold showers.


And so much more...

There are many more benefits from taking cold showers, but I decided to only focus on the most important ones relating to physical activity.

This youtube video gives you more insights on the hidden benefits of cold showers: click here.

As well as this article form Performance Insiders: The #7 Weird Facts Showing The Amazing Benefits of Cold Showers.

To Recap..

Start taking cold showers today and build up your comfort zone with it through time by increasing your time in the cold. You will start feeling the difference in your physical and mental state within a week.

I personally try to take cold showers at the end of my regular warm showers for 30sec to 3min at most. Unfortunately, I do not do it on a daily basis but I will start to be more committed about it and l'll let you know how it goes.

I will definitely do a post about Wim Hof and his breathing techniques that I think can benefit anyone who tries it..

I'd love to hear your comments about this post. Let me know what you think, or any insights you might have about cold showers. Feel free to comment below.