The 5 Easy and Best Ways To Lose Weight

Everybody seems to want to lose weight quickly and effortlessly. Well, here are simple, but effective methods that can help anyone achieve this goal.

1. Drink lots of water


Start drinking a lot more water than you usually do. When trying to lose weight, water quickens your metabolism. It also flushes out toxins, and can help in controlling your appetite by keeping you "full" longer.

2. Eat less of the foods you love

Instead of depriving yourself from the foods that you enjoy, just start to eat less of them. Lowering down your caloric intake is going to help you tremendously in losing weight over time.

3. Cut down on the size of your dinnerware


In order to cut down your cravings, start using smaller plates, cups, bowls, etc. The smaller the size of your plate will also help in controlling your appetite. A small plate filled with food is more satisfying than a large plate with a small amount of food on it

4. MOVE!!

Nobody is forcing you to workout, but you must get moving if you want to lose weight quickly. You can start by getting into fun activities such as walking, hiking with friends, rowing, biking, dancing…


Any physical activities that will get the heart pumping improves the body’s ability to burn fat and use up fats as energy that are otherwise stored.

5. Find yourself a support crew

Studies have found that joining a support group tremendously helps someone lose weight. Being surrounded by likeminded people also looking to lose weight just help in motivation increase to achieve that goal of yours. The encouragement from your support crew will help you crush any challenge you will be facing along the way on your weight loss journey.

Use those simple methods and start making huge improvements in losing weight.

The 4 Benefits of Meditation

This website is dedicated to mastering not just your physical attributes, but also your mental and spiritual aspects. And that is where meditation comes to play.

The self control, or self mastery, one can benefit from meditating has always fascinated me. I do believe that meditation can help anyone become a more wholesome human being because of its many benefits, but first...

Let's start by defining Meditation...

Meditation is a simple practice that can help change your life for the better if used often and properly.

Meditating can be done in many ways and usually involves you sitting down in a quiet place, and focusing on one specific thing over and over until the end of the practice.

You can focus on your thoughts letting them come and go, in order to become more "quiet" in your mind, not putting too much power into any negative thought you may have.

You can focus on your breath by taking deep and steady breaths. This will help you put more attention on your breathing pattern, and less on your thoughts. This control of the breath may also help in teaching you to breathe more efficiently, and being more aware of your breathing patterns.

Another way to meditate is through action. You can put most of your focus on a movement combination or a particular exercise, which is going to help you "quiet" your mind and really make you present in the physical and functional movement being produced.

So here are 4 basic benefits one can experience after taking part of a meditation practice:

1. Reduce stress

meditation benefit

Since meditation helps calm the mind and relax the individual, it helps a lot in reducing stress. By focusing on one specific thing (such as breathing, one activity or letting thoughts come and go) you learn to handle and control stress related symptoms caused by a stressful lifestyle, negative thoughts, fears and so much more. 

Many people take up meditation for the sole purpose of reducing stress and being more in control of their reaction to stressful life events.

2. Various health benefits

There are many documented cases wherein meditation was shown to have helped in curing a disease or illness. One study, published in the Medical Journal of Australia in 1976 by psychiatrist Ainslie Meares, documented how a patient's cancer regressed after sessions of intensive meditation.

Meditation can also lower blood pressure levels, which is helpful to patients at risk of hypertension and other heart-related conditions.

meditation benefit

3. Improves concentration

Focusing on a particular thing is the basis of meditation. Doing such activities have been shown to drastically improve a person's concentration.

Multi tasking became a very common action in this fast paced new age society we live in nowadays. Meditation, can help you focus 100% of your attention on one task at a time helping you to get the most out of it, instead of jumping from one thing to the next constantly.

4. Acceptance of events

Another very beneficial aspect of meditation is the ability to take things as they are. Doing so will help a person's frustrations over things that they cannot control.

We have tendency to put a lot of power into things that are coming our way and that we have no control over. The only thing we have control of is how we react to external events.


I think you get the gist of it.

Meditation, in any form, can truly help us silence our mind and be more present and effective in our everyday life. 

So start implementing some meditation practice daily and you will start to see amazing results in your life in no time. 

Let me know what your daily practice involves and how beneficial it has been to you.


Lower Back Pain No More!!

It is believed that 80% of the US population will experience some lower back pain at some point in their lives.

lower back pain

Lower back pain absolutely suck!

I ended up pinching a nerve in my lower back about 2 years ago. The consequences were 6 months of limping, sciatica nerve pain (feeling of the pain going down the leg), 2 hours of sleep a night, and some depression of course.

I have experienced chronic low back pain for all this time before coming across 2 amazing products that truly alleviated the pain.

Now, I am glad to say that I am able to many things I used to do pre back pain. Without further ado, here are 2 extremely beneficial products that will help you regain full health in your lower back.

Inversion Table

Most of the lower back pain can be summarized by nerves being compressed by spinal vertebrae. It is therefore extremely important to decompress the spine as often as possible.

One great way to do so would be to use an inversion table. The inversion table allows you to decompress your spine in an upside down position, which counters the constant spinal compression due to every day living through standing up.

Many people recommend a 2 to 5 minutes daily use of this to truly feel the benefits that will appear after a few weeks of constant use.

This product has helped me tremendously over the years to decrease the lower back pain I experienced. But it never made the huge impact on my back health as this next product did for me.

Spinal Decompression Belt

The spinal decompression belt is an inflatable back support belt you can place around your waist. Inflating the belt, with the associated pump it comes with, will separate the hips and the ribs form each other. This separation opens up the vertebrae, causing an almost immediate pain relief.

This product was by far the best one for me. After using it on and off on a daily basis (for 30min max), I have felt huge relief in my lower back after only a week.

I can't recommend this product enough if you are experiencing low back pain.


Now, the other thing I should explain is that you need to exercise those lower back and core muscles in order to strengthen and stretch them.  The use of these products will only alleviate the pain for some time. In order to get rid of the pain definitively, you must workout properly to keep the muscles strong and healthy, as well as to keep the spine as mobile as possible.

These products are available on amazon and are a very worthy investment. I hope they will help you in relieving this pain in your lower back as quickly as they have for myself.

Let me know what you think about these products, and how much they have helped you. Also, don't hesitate to discuss the other things you have used to relieve your low back pain.

Best of luck on this journey to a healthier back. 


4 Secrets to Burn Fat

If you are reading this, chances are you are eager to transform your body into a more toned and sexier physique. Many people have tried different unsuccessful weight loss diet for years and start to lose hope. But I'm here to tell you about 4 simple secrets that guarantee you throwing away your fat clothes for good. So here we go...

1. Build Muscle

resistance training

Start lifting some weights!

When muscles are activated, they keep your metabolism active and help you burn calories. Adding muscle improves your body fat composition ratio. Muscles are an active tissue that continually renews itself so it always needs calories.

While normal cardio burns fat only during the exercise, weight training builds muscle ensuring body fat continues to burn throughout the day. And guess what the main source of energy for muscles is ... FAT. So, even when relaxing or sleeping, you continue to burn calories. The more muscle mass on your frame the more positive effect on your metabolism.

It is therefore very important to do some resistance and weight training to successfully avoid your metabolism from getting sluggish and packing on fat.

2. Increase your Water Intake

Most people do not drink enough water on a daily basis and this is a huge mistake since drinking more water helps the body reduce fat deposits.

daily water intake

In order for the kidneys to function correctly, they need enough water intake. If the kidneys don’t work properly, some of the load is discarded to the liver. And if the liver is doing the kidney’s work, its main job of metabolizing fat is being affected in return. This will cause more fat to remain in the body and the fat burning will stop.

So, drinking the right amount of water improves metabolism and keeps your fat burning at full capacity. Water will also flush out toxins and improves the body’s ability to stay healthy.

3. Eat Fat Burning Foods

fat burning foods

All foods can store fat in the body, but certain foods actually help with fat burning. Some of them are rich in minerals or vitamins that raise metabolism and act as "virtual" fat burners. There are negative low calorie foods that burn extra calories during digestion. Others will deliver a feeling of fullness with very little calories. Sticking to the right whole foods will drastically reduce the fat profile of your body.

By eating these fat burning foods at the right time, in the correct amount, the body fat profile starts to reduce. Add in foods that lower the likelihood of fat depositing in your body for an extra boost. Here is a list of everyday foods that double as secret fat burners.

Poultry (ie chicken) increases the body’s metabolic rate, helping you melt extra fat away. Chicken is low in fat and carbohydrates with a good protein profile. Proteins require a lot of energy to digest, therefore burning fat. Make sure to remove the skin from poultry before eating to avoid excess fat.

Salmon and tuna are good sources of protein and provide the body with healthy fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. They are also low in calories and unhealthy saturated fat. Salmon and tuna reduce leptin (the hormone responsible for burning and storing calories) giving your metabolism the boost it needs to burn calories.

Citrus fruits hikes up the metabolism while supplying a huge dose of vitamin C, a chemical used in the process of fat burning. Citrus fruits are ranked as the best fat burning foods anyone can eat. Oranges, grapefruit, apples and even tomatoes share these fat burning qualities and effectively burn fat around the hips and waist.

An apple a day keeps the fat away. Apples contain a substance called pectin that restricts the cells from absorbing fat and assists water absorption from food. The antioxidants in apples may also reduce excess belly fat from metabolic syndrome. Apples have a high level of soluble fiber that helps you control hunger.

Berries, packed with vitamins and minerals, are low on calories and high in water. They are rich in fiber and boost the metabolism, breaking down food and fats. Naturally sweet and delicious, a handful of berries will keep you feeling fuller longer and help eliminate the craving for sugary glasses of artificially flavored, empty calories.

Oatmeal's large portion of calorie profile is soluble fiber which helps control blood sugar and helps you feel fuller longer. Oatmeal also lowers the risk of heart disease and lowers cholesterol. 

Most vegetables (except for potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes) maintain low calories, yet contain essential vitamins and minerals that improve the body's metabolism. Veggies such as spinach, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and artichokes contain no fat and have very low carbohydrate levels. They facilitate fat burning since your body uses more calories to digest vegetables than they produce. The extra calories needed to break down food are taken from body fat reserves. 

Beans are full of minerals, low in calories and rich in amino acids. The amino acids in lentils help decrease body fat while helping build muscles, and maintain stable blood sugar. In addition, they are excellent sources of dietary fiber keeping you satiated longer, reducing the urge to overeat.

Eggs, one of the most nutrient dense foods, are a natural superfood. Their high levels of protein spike up the metabolism and help you burn fat. Eggs are one of the best fat burning foods and have the most abundant mix of essential amino acids. They are packed with vitamin D, vitamin B12, choline and selenium. It’s been proven that eggs don’t contribute to bad cholesterol, but do improve the good cholesterol needed for a healthy body. Eggs have all the nutrients crucial for good health.

Almond and walnuts are excellent sources of the healthy fats needed for the smooth functioning of the body’s cell structure. A handful of nuts is a tasty, crunchy snack to satisfy your hunger pains.

According to scientist, pine nuts contain an abundance of healthy fatty acids. These fatty acids help eliminate fat accumulation in the abdominals. Pine nuts also increase satiety level hormones along with the benefits of fat reduction.

4. Add "Fat Boosters" to Your Diet

Unwanted fat will burn much more quickly by eating the right food through faster metabolism. Combine fat burning foods with these fat boosters to push your metabolism activities.

Mustard seeds are packed with nutrition such as the amino acid tryptophan, omega 3 fatty acids, selenium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, calcium, iron, niacin and zinc. They even have a bit of protein and fiber. The spicy Asian and Mexican varieties temporarily speed up the metabolism like ephedrine or caffeine in a safe, natural way. Adding spicy mustard delivers zest to your food and a nice fat loss boost.

Onions are low in calories and help in weight loss. They are a source of a nutrient called chromium which improves insulin and maintain stable blood sugar.

Coconut oil can boost the body's energy because of being full of medium chain fatty acids used as immediate supply of fuel. Use coconut oil in your cooking to speed metabolism improve thyroid functioning and amplify fat burning.

The chemicals that give hot peppers their spice safely speeds up the heart rate. Some people are able to burn up to 1,000 more calories every day from eating peppers. Spicy foods like chilies and peppers trigger your body to burn fat. For their flavor and fat burning properties, hot peppers are one of the best diet foods.

Green tea significantly reduces total fat in the waist and skin areas by raising the resting metabolic rate through catechins. Meaning that you keep burning fat longer. It has also been shown that catechins interact with the caffeine in green tea. A perfect substitute for coffee, green tea is high in antioxidants making it a natural stimulate.


weight loss

These 4 simple secrets must be used right away if you want to lose weight and improve your health for the better. So pay attention to eat the proper fat burning foods and boosters, as well as being properly hydrated with a constant water intake and by building muscle through resistance and weight training.

Best of luck on your quest to a healthier YOU

3 Reasons Why Cold Showers Are Great For Any Fitness Individual

I bet you are shaking your head wondering why would anyone take cold showers, and shivering by the mere thought of taking one of those so dreaded cold showers. I personally do not like them either. What I enjoy however, are the benefits one can receive from taking these cold showers. Before listing those benefits, let me tell you a little bit about how did I become interested in cold showers?

Jumping on the Wim Hof wagon

Wim Hof

Wim Hof

I've always been fascinated by all of the things the human mind and body can accomplish. This took me on this quest to become the best version of myself. But in order to do so, I must break down my comfort zone. This is where Wim Hof comes in.

I found out about Wim Hof a few years back because of his teachings about accessing a deeper level of awareness and control of the human body and mind through a breathing method and taking cold showers. Wim has done many crazy and unbelievable feats involving swimming in icy lakes, running shirtless in the winter cold, or simply taking cold showers. The benefits of cold showers go further than just the physiological aspects as Wim explains that "the cold is an absolute doorway to the soul". But let's just focus on the physiological benefits of taking cold showers for now.

1. Cold showers can help you lose weight

In case you are not aware yet, the human body stores 2 types of Fat: White and Brown fat. Brown fat is referred to as the "good" fat because it generates heat to keep the body warm when in a cold environment. Therefore cold showers help you get rid of some fat by stimulating the burning of brown fat in your body. 

2. Improve Blood Circulation

More blood is being sent to your organs to keep them warm when taking cold showers. The circulatory system is being stimulated on a larger scale, helping with the health of your cardiovascular system as well.

3. Improvement in muscle soreness and recovery

It is well known that the professional athletes take icy bath or cold showers for proper muscle recovery. Couple of studies have been done over the years explaining the benefits of putting your body in such a cold environment after working out. The increase blood flow in muscles and the decrease development on inflammation (due to muscle tissue break down which happens during resistance and weight training) are the some of the amazing benefits athletes can receive from taking cold showers.


And so much more...

There are many more benefits from taking cold showers, but I decided to only focus on the most important ones relating to physical activity.

This youtube video gives you more insights on the hidden benefits of cold showers: click here.

As well as this article form Performance Insiders: The #7 Weird Facts Showing The Amazing Benefits of Cold Showers.

To Recap..

Start taking cold showers today and build up your comfort zone with it through time by increasing your time in the cold. You will start feeling the difference in your physical and mental state within a week.

I personally try to take cold showers at the end of my regular warm showers for 30sec to 3min at most. Unfortunately, I do not do it on a daily basis but I will start to be more committed about it and l'll let you know how it goes.

I will definitely do a post about Wim Hof and his breathing techniques that I think can benefit anyone who tries it..

I'd love to hear your comments about this post. Let me know what you think, or any insights you might have about cold showers. Feel free to comment below.