6 months Individual Fitness Program


6 months Individual Fitness Program


[value $1200, save 400]

A fully individualized 6 months long fitness program.

3+ workouts/week depending on your fitness level.

Bi weekly email support

Bi weekly check in call

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Fitness program designed specifically for you based on your goals, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the fitness equipment you have access to. Please fill the form as best you can for me to design the best program for you.

With this program, you will get 24 weeks of unique workouts, geared toward getting you closer to achieving your goals.

You will also be able to access the exercise library for each exercise and their variations.

*This is a fitness only one month long program customized for your needs and goals. Nutritional and full coaching support not included in this program.*

This 6 months program is based around the following parameters:

your own goals,

your weaknesses and strengths,

your preference between at home or at the gym workout,

your preference between bodyweight only, weight training only, or a mixture of both modes of training,

your weekly frequency to workout,

and moreā€¦

Once purchased and form filled, I will send you an email within a week with your own individual 6 months fitness program to follow.

Thank you