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Step 1 : Let's Explain the Reset Challenge

My goal is to give you a little deeper of an understanding of why I'm doing this and what we want to accomplish. Click on the video on the left to learn more.
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Step 2: How is this challenge going to keep ME accountable?

A great way to ensure success in any venture is to have a great support system. Here I'll explain how the challenge will look to create a support system for you to stay motivated!
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Step 3: What are my goals for this challenge? What if I don't need to lose a lot of weight?

Everyone always asks, how many pounds should I expect to lose? What's a good goal? Should I lose 2 lbs a week? I'll answer that here!

Step 4 : Let's Get 15 people to lose +10lbs!

Whenever there is a challenge, with cash prizes, people are sometimes lost on the progress they have made if they, or their team, don't win money. The reason our goal is a little bit more individualized is because losing 10lbs is a BIG DEAL, and I want to acknowledge as many people as possible. So even if you don't walk away with a cash prize and you are part of the magic 15 I want you to walk away with a serious sense of accomplishment!
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